How to Install a Printer on the iM8 Patient Monitor



  1. You will need a printer, paper, a Phillips, a very small flathead, and 2 screws.
  2. To install the printer on the iM8, you will first need to remove the side panel. To remove the side panel, you will need a small screwdriver.
  3. Put the screwdriver in the little hole and remove the panel.
  4. You will also need to remove the metal frame by removing the screws. Keep in mind it may be a little difficult to remove this plate.
  5. After you remove the metal frame, there is a cable that will need to be connected to the printer.
  6. To install the printer, you will need to connect the 2 cables to the back of the printer.
  7. Once your cables are secured and connected, just simply insert the printer
  8. Next, you will need to align the two holes.
  9. Then, you can go ahead and screw the printer in, and your printer has been installed.
  10. To install the paper, simply open the door and place the paper inside.
  11. Make sure the paper is feeding through the bottom.
  12.  Pull the paper and close the door
  13. Now that the printer has been installed, you will need to turn it on.
  14. After turning it on, go to your menu, then go to “Maintain,” and push the knob in for enter.
  15. Next, scroll to “Factory Key,” push the knob in, then enter “998.”
  16. Scroll to “Okay,” then press the knob to enter.
  17. Then, scroll down to “Confirm” and click “Enter.”
  18. Once you’re in the factory maintain, scroll to your module setup, and push the knob in for enter.
  19.  Then scroll to “Recorder,” and push the knob in to check it.
  20. Now, you may go ahead and exit
  21. Once that is complete, make sure that you do have a power light on and give it a little feed to make sure the paper is feeding out correctly.
  22. Then, power off the monitor and power it back on. It should take a couple of seconds to power back on.
  23. To test your printer, press “Record,” and it should start feeding paper. It will stop automatically.