How to Check ECG Lead Settings on EdanUSA Patient Monitors


NOTE: This process applies to the following EdanUSA Patient Monitors:

  • EdanUSA iM Series
    • iM8, iM50, iM60, iM70, iM80
  • EdanUSA X Series
    • X8, X10, X12


Once your EdanUSA Patient Monitor is powered on:

  1. Use the Selector Knob or Touch Screen to select the Heart Rate (HR) / ECG Tile.
  2. Once clicked, the ‘ECG Setup’ Menu should appear on screen.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Electrode Type’ and select between ‘3 Electrodes’ or ‘5 Electrodes’ option, based on your configuration.
  4. Exit out of the ECG Setup Menu to save settings.
  5. Your EdanUSA Patient Monitor should now be configured correctly and match your lead cable.